Motorcycle accident statistics are clear. Collisions, resulting from a rider being thrown from the motorcycle and impacting with the ground or crashing into an obstacle such as a guardrail, are the main reasons for deaths and serious injuries.

More than 90% of these injuries are to the head, neck or chest. A helmet may protect the head but an impact to the helmet may also cause an injury to the neck. Hit Air, an airbag jacket for motorcyclists, now offers protection to the neck where various kinds of protection padding have been lacking.


Protection is also provided for the front and the back of the body by a shock-buffering airbag system, offering riders additional protection during accidents. We are continuing our quest to develop innovative products to enhance riding safety

All the HIT AIR jackets and vests feature built in and reusable airbag impact protection for motorcycling and horse riding . The HIT AIR gloves all have a unique palm protection device and have a specialised design and construction for motorcycling.


Your leather motorcycle jacket may help save you from "gravel rash" but will it help absorb the unexpected impact of being thrown to the road from your bike and a collision with a motor vehicle, guard rail or any of the many other "unfriendly" objects that are common on our roads?

You safety is your own responsibility! Avoid the discomfort and inconvenience of injury.

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