Motor Cycle Jackets and Vests


HIT AIR motorcycle jackets and vests are available in models for Sport, Touring and Commuter purposes. Summer and Winter styles are available. Waterproof or lightweight rainproof models can also be chosen.

All styles are fitted with the HIT AIR airbag system. The airbag system features protection to the rider or pillion at chest, neck, shoulders, back, hips and bottom.

All jackets are of high quality materials and have CE approved elbow and shoulder armour and back padding. The construction of the jackets is much stronger than most existing jackets as the materials and stitching have to cope with the rapid and forceful action of the airbag inflation. Compared with existing jackets too, the abrasion resistance is increased due to the additional layers and qualities of the airbag and its protective sleeve materials.

The jackets and vests come in up to 8 colours and sizes XS to 3XL. Some have removable winter linings. Optional extras include a separate additional waterproof lining, chest and back protectors. All jackets and vests are washable.

There are 13 styles of jackets ranging from $700 to $960 and 5 styles of vests ranging from $600 to $750. The different models may be seen below. We do not stock in Australia the GP, HS1, MJ, and HP models but we can supply these if required.

All jackets are supplied with a users manual and an information and instruction video. Purchasers are invited to participate in a Jacket Owners Club and obtain additional benefits and information.

The internally fitted airbag is instantaneously activated when the rider is thrown from the bike during an accident.

The system is controlled by a coiled wire lanyard easily attached to the structure of the bike and linked to the jacket/vest by a quick release connection at the key box unit on the chest of the jacket/vest. The key box itself acts as a chest protector and cannot injure the wearer as the airbag is directly beneath it. The connector enables activation from any angle or position. Accidental activation, by the rider forgetting to disconnect the coil wire, is prevented by the design of the key box mechanism on the jacket. A force of approximately 25-30kg is required to pull out the connector in order to set off the airbag.

When inflated the airbag acts to reduce or prevent body injuries by absorbing collision blows or shock forces by being compressed at the point of impact and redistributing the load throughout the entire bag over the riders' body. The airbag also prevents the jacket from being stripped off the rider and acts as a body "air splint" to keep the wearers' spine immobile significantly reducing the risks of major spinal injury.


Left: an actual air bag, HP model, inflated to protect the neck, chest, back and hips.




Right: impact testing.
During development the HIT AIR
system was subjected to demanding tests.

After activation, a slow air release valve automatically deflates the high pressure airbag over a 3-5 minute period. If the airbag is not damaged, the system is easily repacked and the activating mechanism reset within 3-5 minutes. The replacement CO2 cartridge costs only $20. The airbag itself is protected by a Kevlar sleeve and it is unlikely to be damaged.

HIT AIR vests have been supplied to several police forces around the world including the Japanese Motorcycle Police.

Please download our Price List & Order Form for further details.

For more technical and model information view the HIT AIR Japan web site.

Where jacket colour choices are available hold your mouse over the image to see the range.

Type GP
Model GP air bag motorcycle jacket

Grand Prix
A version of the popular UK model.Removable sleeves.
Price $750
Colours: Black/White; Red/White

Moto Jacket
Casual sports motorcycle jacket with air bag.

Casual sports style.Air intakes on sleeves.
Price $750
Colours: Black/White; Red/White

Autobahn Jacket

Waterproof Full coat touring style. Removable winter lining
Price: $900
Colours: Black

M3 Jacket
M3 Summer motorcycle jacket with airbag.

New Mesh
Lightweight sports style
Mesh sides and underarms.
Price: $750
Colours: Black; Red; Blue; Yellow

HS2 Jacket

Waterproof Casual coat style.
Price: $750
Colours: Black

SC Jacket

Commuter coat style Lightweight for scooter
Price: $750
Colours: Black; Grey

MS Jacket
Summer mesh motorcycle jacket with air bag.

Summer Mesh
Sports style. Lightweight full mesh. Ideal for hot conditions!
Price: $750
Colours: Black; Grey

MM Jacket
MM motorcycle jacket with air bag

Medium Mesh
Sports style. Lightweight breathable material. Mesh sides and underarms.
Price: $750
Colours: Black; Grey; Blue; Yellow

Motorrad Jacket

Touring full coat. 6 large air intakes, pockets. Big reflectors
Price: $900
C olours: Black; Grey

JP Jacket
GP motorcycle jacket with air bag.

Japanese style
Lightweight. Removable sleeves! Polished material! Hi-Viz.
Price: $800
Colours: Silver; Red; Blue

UK Jacket
Model UK motorcycle jacket with air bag.

UK style
Rain resistant. Sports style. High strength materials Removable winter lining. Removable sleeves!
Price: $750
Colours: Red; Blue; Grey

GS Jacket
European specification motorcycle jacket with air bag

Grand Sport
Waterproof. Sports style. High strength materials Removable winter lining.
Price: $900
Colours: Red; Blue; Grey

EU Jacket
Model EU touring motorcycle airbag jacket

European style
Waterproof. Touring coat style. High strength materials Removable winter lining.
Price: $900
Colours: Black; Grey; Blue

B Vest
Model B vest with air bag

Open neck
Open V neck design with 6 pockets. Can be worn over an existing jacket.
Price: $600
Colours: Black; Grey; Beige

D Vest

Closed neck
Closed neck design. Can be worn over an existing jacket.
Price: $600
Colours: Black; Grey

MV Vest

Mesh hi-Viz
Lightweight full mesh. Large reflective strips. Can be worn over an existing jacket.
Price: $600
Colours: Black

MC Vest

Mesh Cool
Full mesh vest. Can be worn over an existing jacket.
Price: $600
Colours: Black; Grey

WP "B" Lining  

Waterproof Lining
Very lightweight waterproof, windproof shirt Velcro and zipper front. Ideal for MS jacket!
Price: $120
Colours: Black

C (Camouflage) Vest

Suitable for any season.
Open V Neck design with a removable pocket
Price: $600

Color: Grey; Green; Beige
Size: M/L/XL/2XL/3XL/4XL

FFE (Women’s) Jacket  

This jacket is designed for Women.
Uses a much smaller 25cc CO2 cartridge.
Outer textile is stretch material.
Price: $700
Color Black
Size XS/S/M/L/XL

For more technical information you can view the HIT AIR main web site.