HIT AIR produces a range of superb new generation PALM PROTECTION gloves specially designed for motorcyclists. Similar palm protection is not available on any other gloves.

In an accident, the hands are often the first points of contacts in a fall. Existing gloves may incorporate additional palm padding which only serves to dull any impact forces. As anyone who has fallen and used their hands to limit their fall will know the ball or heel of the hand is soft tissue. This is quite sensitive and easily injured. It is the area which is often torn or grazed and can become quite painful, even without the inconvenience of loss, injury or restrictions on use during recovery. Refer sports injuries .

The HIT AIR gloves are fitted with the unique features of hard Kevlar (Carbon Fibre ) pads on the palm as well as on the back to help distribute shocks to the hands and wrists in a hard fall.

The palm protection feature can reduce the effects of first contact impact, abrasion, and friction at the sensitive metacarpal (heel of the palm) area of the hand. In some cases, even a small reduction in friction may reduce the potential for the riders hand and arm being dragged under the body and then being fractured.

Additional finger padding and protection has also been seriously considered. Other armour is fitted to reduce fractures. The palm protection pads can also be used to hold the throttle in position while riding so that the fingers and thumb can be lifted and flexed to relieve the effects of handlebar palsy.

Summer, Winter, Touring and Commuting styles are available.

The short glove styles are fitted with Spandex material which moulds very comfortably to the riders hand and offers high breathability.

The S series gloves also incorporate a unique “Watch window” – which provides a simple way to view your watch whilst riding with your gloves.
All HIT AIR gloves feature carbon pods on the palm of the glove, providing impact & abrasion protection as well as protection for the knuckles.

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Model R

Sports riding model equipped with various safety measures. Ideal for use in racing and touring.
Price $130

Model G2
The best combination glove with stretchable material and strong leather
Price $120
Model T

The glove for the safety-conscious.Kevlar padding on the palm as well as on the back to distribute the shock to the hand and wrist.
Price $130

Model S2

Breathable glove equipped with safety features fits you perfectly.

Price $120

Model W

A winter weight glove with superior protection.

Price $130