HIT AIR Australia is the exclusive Australian importer of the HIT AIR range of airbag jackets and palm protection gloves from Mugen Denko Co. Ltd., Japan . We are located in Sydney and supply customers by mail, agents and at various exhibitions.


All the HIT AIR jackets and vests feature built in and reusable airbag impact protection for motorcycling and horse riding . The HIT AIR gloves all have a unique palm protection device and have a specialised design and construction for motorcycling.

Your leather motorcycle jacket may help save you from "gravel rash" but will it help absorb the unexpected impact of being thrown to the road from your bike and a collision with a motor vehicle, guard rail or any of the many other "unfriendly" objects that are common on our roads?

The " Hurt Report " analyzed 3,600 motorcycle traffic accidents and found that 75% involved a collision with another vehicle. The report also comments that the typical motorcycle accident allows the motorcyclist just less than 2 seconds to complete all collision avoidance action.

Horse riding accidents are all too common in recreation and sporting areas. Beside the occasions of loss of control of the horse due to various incidents there are accidents when riders are thrown from their mounts and are injured by the fall, a collision with an object, or a following horse.

Studies of horse riding accidents show spinal and neck injuries are common. Refer RCIS study and JR Silver study . There have unfortunately, been many deaths in Australia which could have been possibly avoided if the airbag gear had been worn.

Your safety is your own responsibility! Avoid the discomfort and inconvenience of injury.

The HIT AIR jacket and vest range includes 20 styles of motorcycle and horse riding jackets & vests for sports, touring and commuting.

There are summer, winter, waterproof and lightweight rainproof models.

All jackets are of high quality materials and have elbow and shoulder armour and back protection.

Non airbag jackets or vests provide only abrasion protection. Zone or localized armour provides limited impact protection. Optional spine protectors (“turtle backs”) or body protectors are heavy and bulky, are usually uncomfortable and restrict the riders' movement.

When the rider is thrown from the bike/horse, the airbag is automatically activated by a coiled wire lanyard attached to the bike/saddle. Using a CO2 cartridge, the HIT AIR airbag system operates within 1/2 a second. The airbag remains inflated for 3-5 minutes as a slow air release valve allows progressive deflation. Accidental triggering is prevented by the specially designed activation key box attached to the jacket.

When inflated in an accident, the airbag absorbs any life threatening and injury causing collision forces on the riders' body by compressing at the point of impact and redistributing the load throughout the entire bag. There is very effective protection for the rider at the chest, neck, shoulders, back, hips and bottom .

The airbag itself is protected by a Kevlar sleeve and is unlikely to be damaged. If the airbag is not damaged, the rider can easily repack and reset the activating mechanism in 3-5 minutes. A replacement CO2 cartridge costs only $20.

Other major effects of the airbag inflation are that it also:

•  firmly holds the jacket in position enabling the material to be presented for best abrasion protection, reduction of snagging and prevention of “riding up” ;

•  acts as a full body "air splint" to keep the wearers spine immobile reducing potential injury.

The HIT AIR airbag system has been successfully marketed throughout Asia and Europe since 1985. HIT AIR now makes available a wide range of models and colours for sale Australia .

If you wish to minimise the risks associated with motorcycling or riding a HIT AIR jacket is an affordable safety item and is a good investment.

Using the HIT AIR jackets gives the rider a stronger sense of protection, safety awareness and responsibility, and greater riding pleasure.

You can download the HIT AIR Australia product Price List & Order Form or contact us for further information and availability.